Horizon: Digitally Enhanced Campus

Broadening educational opportunities for districts, students and their families

It’s a brand new day in education.

Changes in Oklahoma law are changing the landscape for students and districts. Oklahoma Statute 70-1-111 guarantees expanded learning opportunities for local districts and students. Under the law, districts are required to provide online supplemental coursework when students formally request it. At Horizon, we’re here to help everyone navigate the process.

What’s Horizon?

Horizon is a state-of-the-art learning platform owned and operated by the state of Oklahoma. This Digitally Enhanced Campus delivers supplemental online coursework by:

  • Creating and teaching online courses owned by the State of Oklahoma.
  • Evaluating courses to ensure they meet national online learning standards and align with Oklahoma’s academic standards. Courses that meet both sets of standards are recommended for state certification.
  • Maintaining the Oklahoma Online Course Catalog with a list of state-certified courses.
  • Negotiating competitive rates with third-party coursework vendors.


The Best of Both Worlds

At Horizon, we recognize the importance of on-campus learning. But we also acknowledge the amazing opportunities afforded through a Digitally Enhanced Campus. This flexible platform expands the curriculum while keeping students integrated in the on-campus experience. It doesn’t replace traditional schooling. It enhances it.

Putting Students and Districts First

Through Horizon, districts can offer a wide variety of courses without incurring prohibitive expenses. Our solutions are scalable for one student or entire classes. Advanced Placement, foreign languages and STEM courses are available.

Students who work-part time can complete some required coursework online while still participating in their local school community and extracurricular activities. Credit recovery and credit advancement options are available to districts and the students they serve.

FREE Online AP Courses Available for AY 2021-22

Horizon now offers Oklahoma-owned and developed AP Courses. They’re taught by exceptional Oklahoma teachers and available on a limited scale beginning August 2021. During the 2021-22 pilot year, these courses are free of charge to Oklahoma schools. Exam fees will be paid by Horizon: Digitally Enhanced Campus. Enrollment is limited, so reserve seats for your students now by emailing Lisa.Daniels@horizon.ok.gov.

We Want to Hear From You!

For additional information about Horizon: Digitally Enhanced Campus, contact Dr. Lisa Daniels by phone at 405-522-0465 or email Lisa.Daniels@horizon.ok.gov.