Broadening educational opportunities for districts, students and their families.

Horizon is an online learning platform owned and operated by the State of Oklahoma. We recognize the importance of on-campus learning, including social development, extracurricular activities and one-on-one attention from high-quality teachers.

We also understand the challenges facing modern school districts. Limited electives, hard-to-staff courses and changing student needs are just some of the issues confronting today’s administrators. That’s why we’re here to help.

Horizon: Digitally Enhanced Campus provides flexibility for students and schools. Our online coursework expands the curriculum while keeping students integrated with the on-campus experience. It doesn’t replace traditional schooling. It enhances student education while providing much-needed resources to Oklahoma’s outstanding school districts.

Students & Families

Horizon opens up a world of opportunity for Oklahoma students and families. We offer supplemental online education in AP, STEM, foreign languages and more. Credit recovery is also available. Horizon students can participate in sports, band and other activities in their local district. Learn how our blended learning platform can benefit you.

Schools & Districts

With hard-to-staff courses and a growing need for digital learning, Horizon helps schools navigate a changing environment. We review online courses for alignment with state and national standards, and negotiate competitive rates for supplemental online courses. Districts can join the Horizon Consortium for maximum savings and benefits.


Know the Law

Oklahoma Statute 70-1-111 guarantees expanded learning opportunities for local districts and students. Under the law, districts are required to provide supplemental online courses when students formally request it. At Horizon, we’re here to help everyone navigate the process.



Our online course catalog offers AP, STEM, foreign language courses and much more — including AP courses taught by elite Oklahoma teachers. Horizon evaluates supplemental courses for alignment with Oklahoma academic standards and national online learning standards. Courses that meet both sets of standards are recommended for state certification.



The Horizon Consortium is an affiliation of Oklahoma school districts. Together, we negotiate extremely competitive rates for online coursework. We also pool our buying power to achieve significant savings from third-party vendors. Our member districts get access to the absolute lowest prices on supplemental online coursework.



Our dedicated team is here to help. Just click the button to send us a message.