With Opportunity At Your Fingertips,
the Horizons Are Limitless.

At Horizon, we believe every student deserves equal access to education. Our Digitally Enhanced Campus levels the playing field, unlocking opportunities in STEM, Advanced Placement, foreign languages and countless other learning disciplines. From psychology to biology, business law to creative writing, we have something for everyone.

Our learning platform blends the on-campus experience with the advantages of online learning. Students stay embedded in their local schools, making lifelong memories with friends. They dress up for prom, cheer at homecoming, participate in sports, extracurricular activities and more.

They also get the best that online learning has to offer — like opportunities for college credit and fascinating courses like forensic science, marine biology, anthropology and so many more. Our blended learning model fosters the social, emotional and intellectual potential of every student.


We help families juggle changing needs and hectic schedules.

We offer online coursework not typically found in brick-and-mortar schools.

We help students customize their curriculum to meet their own learning goals.

We empower students to get college-ready or prepare for exciting careers.


Your Right to Online Coursework

Under Oklahoma law, public school students are entitled to request and receive online supplemental courses paid for by their home district. The law guarantees your right to pursue educational opportunities that meet your needs, goals and interests. You do not need to pay tuition. Your home district will cover the costs associated with your online courses.



Want to see what’s available? Choose from hundreds of state-certified courses in the Oklahoma Online Course Catalog. Study 3D modeling, criminology, fashion design, traditional and advanced subjects, plus much more. Every course meets Oklahoma academic standards and national online learning standards.


College Credit, Advanced Studies & Credit Recovery

With dual credit courses, students receive college AND high school credit — just by taking a single course. Students can earn up to 19 hours of college credit through dual credit online courses.

Additional college credits are available through various Advanced Placement (AP) classes. To receive college credit, students must pass the AP exam after completing the course.

For learners who need to make up missing credits, credit recovery classes are a great option. These courses help students catch up with their peers and advance toward the goal of high school graduation.



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