Chemistry, Semester B

0.5 Unit
Grades: 10, 11, 12

Chemistry is the study of how a set of substances with particular physical propertiesÑlike solid paper and the oxygen in the airÑcan react with each other to form different substances with entirely different propertiesÑlike gaseous water and carbon dioxide. In most cases, these chemical changes result in an energy change as well, either giving off energy or absorbing energy.
Chemistry is considered one of the core scientific disciplines because it is so practical and widely useful in the modern world. The development of new types of materials, new methods of producing or storing energy, or new methods of interacting with genetic material all depend upon a knowledge of chemistry.
In Chemistry B, you will learn about key types of chemical relationships and reactions, including solutions, reversible reactions, acid-base reactions, thermochemical systems, and electrochemical systems. You will use your knowledge to analyze new situations and make qualitative and quantitative predictions. Finally, you will extend your chemical knowledge into the areas of nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry.


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Prerequisites: Chemistry A

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