High School Earth & Space Science B

0.5 Unit
Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

Earth and space science is the study of the structure of our planet and Earth’s role in the solar system and universe. This branch of science relies on observations, historical data, and physical evidence to describe the natural processes that occur around us and in distant space. You’ll begin Semester B by comparing the composition of rocks and minerals and analyzing the processes involved in the rock cycle. You’ll explore the tectonic mechanisms that lead to some of Earth’s most prominent geological features. Next, you’ll study important interactions between the hydrosphere and atmosphere and the role they play in weathering and erosion. You’ll also differentiate between weather and climate and make evidence-based predictions about both using data and modeling. The last unit in this course highlights the negative effects that humans can have on the natural cycles of Earth, as well as effective measures we can take to protect our planet.



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