Physical Science, Semester B

0.5 Unit
Grades: 7, 8, 9

Science is the study of the natural world. It relies on experimentation and evidence to describe the natural events that occur around us. Physical science is the study of matter and energy. In Physical Science B, youÕll investigate gravitational, electric, and magnetic force fields and identify factors that determine their strength. YouÕll apply concepts of electricity and magnetism to explain how motors, generators, and electromagnets work. You will discuss energy transformations in objects and systems, including how heat flows between objects that are at different temperatures. You will model how sound and light travel as waves and how they interact with different forms of
matter. Finally, youÕll explore how electromagnetic waves help us communicate with one another and collect information about the universe.


  • NCAA Eligible


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Prerequisites: Physical Science A

Oklahoma Subject Code: 2286

Course Provider Contact: Sarika Simpson | Academy Director | | 866-890-8153

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