Science 8, Semester A

0.5 Unit
Grades: 8

Science is the study of the natural world. It relies on investigations and evidence to describe the natural events that occur around us. Science 8A is an integrated science course that covers topics selected from Earth science and life science. This course discusses genes and inheritance, the evolution of species, and managing energy resources on Earth. In the first unit, you will explain how an organismÕs genes transfer traits from parents to offspring. YouÕll also learn about genetic diversity and genetic mutations. In the second unit, youÕll compare the anatomy and development of species to give evidence for evolution. YouÕll also see how fossils and rock strata on Earth hold important clues about evolution. In the third unit, you will differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable energy resources on Earth. YouÕll see how energy transforms as it moves from one sphere of Earth to another. In hands-on activities, youÕll devise ways to harness and control energy for human benefit.



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Prerequisites: Science 7 A/B

Oklahoma Subject Code: 2286

Course Provider Contact: Sarika Simpson | Academy Director | | 866-890-8153

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